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Kwefaako Development Initiative (KDI) Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO) is passionate about socio economic transformation. Our products and services are tailor made to fit individual financial needs. Our passion is to see our service offering impacting lives in the community in a very tangible way.


Instead of carrying cash around or saving money at home, you can open up a savings account with KDI SACCO where your money is not only safe but grows over time. We offer flexible Savings Accounts which are readily available to all members of the SACCO.


Access to finance is still a huge challenge for so many people but as KDI SACCO, we have designed very friendly credit facilities where members can borrow against their own savings at any time. We have the most friendly terms and rates.


In addition to our current loan products, the share loan product has been developed to encourage KDI members to buy more shares hence increasing the SACCO's capital base.


Afraid to invest??? KDI SACCO is offering you safe alternatives to grow your money. We have fixed deposit accounts with very attractive rates. We also issue out shares to all our member and go ahead to ensure our members get a good return on investment.

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We believe through simplified practical training our members get equipped with the required skills to manage their finances better and make more informed decisions about their money. We run a series of workshops all year round.

More Services

  • Free tree planting. We donate free seedlings to community schools and health Centre’s and member homes.
  • Sensitization on proper waste disposal and waste recycle. Through encouraging creative works made using waste materials and waste management tips.
  • Referral services for legal and other protection needs of members.by connecting our members to police and lawyers for assistance.
  • Psycho- social counselling to youths and children especially during our events and whenever called upon as per need.
  • Career guidance in schools and during our trainings.It is our principle to offer career guidance talks during all our training sessions.be it literacy, entrepreneurship or practical livelihood skills.