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Our Share Loans

In addition to our current loan products, the share loan product has been developed to encourage KDI members to buy more shares hence increasing the SACCO's capital base.


Loan Amounts

  • Minimum loan amount is shs 1,000,000.
  • Maximum loan amount for internal loans is shs 10, 000, 0000.
  • The maximum amount shall not exceed 3 times of a member’s share capital in the SACCO.

Loan Fees to be charged

  • Insurance fees which is 2% of the loan amount.
  • Loan penalties which is 1% of the amount outstanding per day of default.
  • Processing fees which is shs 15000
  • Inspection fees: The transport costs and photos taken during appraisal will be the burden of the client and this will be determined by management from time to time.

Other important details

  • Turn around time: The Loan turnaround time will be one week to enable the committee to sit and also to allow a management to process the loan.
  • Interest rate and loan period: The interest rate for internal loans is 2.5% per month and their term does not go beyond 6 months.
  • Guarantorship: At all times, the loan will be guaranteed by at least two people one of whom must be an account holder with the SACCO and another guarantor should be a relative of borrower.
  • Collateral security: The security for the loan will consist of someone’s share capital.

Requirements from SACCO to qualify for the share loan product

Active SACCO Account

Without neglecting the eligibility criteria that must be followed by management as per the SACCO lending policy guide lines, the person will have an active SACCO account before applying for the share loan.

Mandatory Share

Upon asking for a loan, a member must have 100 shares and have borrowed at least 3 times without defaulting.

Minimum Balance

The minimum operating balance of any member applying for a share loan will be UGX. 100,000 and this will not at any one time go below UgX 100,000 unless upon closure of the account.

Monthly Savings

The person intending to borrow a share loan must have been saving with the SACCO minimum of shs 50,000 in the previous consecutive 6 months.

Criteria to be met by members for eligibility of the KDI Share Loan

  • Should have at least 100 shares in the SACCO.
  • Should have serviced at least 5 loans in the SACCO.(Other loan products)
  • Should have a good credit history.
  • Should have been an active member of the SACCO for at least 2 consecutive years.