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Our Credit Facilities

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Our Credit Facilities

Access to finance is a big challenge for so many people but with KDI SACCO, we’ve come up with a wide range of credit facilities unique to our members’ needs. We make it easy for you to borrow, we also go ahead to teach our members how to save and invest in smart way for the future.


Personal Loans

In need of money to meet a pressing personal need? KDI SACCO has friendly personal available to members who borrow not more than twice their savings and shares in the SACCO. Get in touch with us through our contacts and we get you sorted.

Emergency Loans

No one can plan for the unforeseeable but with KDI SACCO, we have you covered. Save and invest with us to access this facility. These loans are available to members who borrow a loan that is more than twice their savings. Get in touch to know more.


Group Loans

Are you in need of cash to start or scale your business, KDI SACCO is offering you a reliable credit facility. These loans are available to those without collateral or security but doing micro businesses. You get to pay through a convenient schedule e.g. weekly.


School Fees Loan

The school fees loan product has been developed to help members to pay their school fees dues. The product will also help to diversify the current loan products and help members provide the education right to their children.


Special Loan

The special loan product has been developed in order to help members who may want to settle quick payments such as URA taxes in a short time and are able to return the payments in a few days or weeks. This product will help to diverse the loan products as well as generate more income through account openings.


Asset Financing Loan

The asset financing loan product has been developed in order to help members to own assets (land, motorcycles, computers, and other business related equipment) in for personal and business development. The product will also help to diversify the current loan products.


Benefits Of Partnering With KDI SACCO

  • Safe custody of members' savings
  • Attractive and affordable interest rates
  • Smart savings plans
  • Automated financial management systems
  • Non discriminative membership policy
  • Opportunities for training
  • Networking opportunities
  • Friendly terms and policies
  • Access to credit facilities