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Our Annual Dinner

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About Our Dinner

As a way of bonding we hold a dinner every year. This is the time we get to socialize and network as members. We carefully identify a name and theme for each dinner then organize appropriately. The theme is tied to dressing so members are expected to come dressed in line with theme. The KDI dinner is held every August as an annual event on our calendar. We have been holding this event for the past four years and they have all been one success one after another.

In all these dinners, KDI members show case their talents in different activities like Music Dance and Drama - MDD, Fashion Design, Events Organization and waste recycle intended to reduce environment pollution. All these events are organized and sponsored by KDI and its members. The dinner has yielded KDI numerous fruits. Members usually invite friends and relatives to the dinners who in turn get inspired to join KDI. The dinners have significantly improved KDI’s visibility since these events keep rotating in new venues and locations each year. The Dinners boost morale and team work through the various activities that members perform and sensitize attendees on environmental protection. Our upcoming dinner will be in August 2019. Members should expect another big event, different and more powerful from all the dinners they have attended so far. 2020...KDI will hold a grand event to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary.

A Run Through Our Past Dinners

  • 2015 was in Platinum Hotel Busega
  • 2016 was "KDI has got talent “Purple and White Dinner at Mt Zion Hotel Bombo
  • 2017 KDI Digida. Black and White party at Kolping Hotel.
  • 2018 KDI Fiesta Eleganty. Kitenge at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel Rubaga.
  • 2019 KDI Thriller. Rivonia Suits Nakawa.

Relive the Dinner Experiences

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