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Our Annual General Meeting - AGM

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About Our Annual General Meeting

As a member owned organization and also for purposes of accountability, KDI SACCO holds an Annual General Meeting commonly known as AGM every year for our members. This is also a compliance guideline set by the government under which SACCOs are governed. We have so far held one Annual General Meeting which was held on the 10th of September 2017 at the KDI offices situated at Katwe. Due to the new legal amendments where the financial year is from January to December, we opted to move our second AGM to the 10th of March 2019. Thus, we never had an AGM in 2018 due to the aforementioned reasons.

It is during the Annual General Meeting that all KDI SACCO members meet and are taken through the performance of the SACCO for the year ended. Thus, we shall be reviewing the progress made in the past year. The members are also given detailed reports for the same purpose. At the SACCO AGM is when the auditors present the audited books for the SACCO. The AGM is strictly for members and all deliberations are restricted to only the SACCO members.

What happens at the Annual General Meeting - AGM?

  • This is the day we hold elections and the new board members are voted into office.
  • This is when we decide (pass) whether to give dividends or not.
  • At the AGM is when decisions are passed because it’s the only meeting that involves all SACCO members.
  • On this day we highlight our achievements on all our objectives including those pertaining to gender, protection and environment.