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Medical Camp September Community Outreach 2019

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Highlights - September Medical Camp

A free medical camp was organized by Kwefaako Development Initiative SACCO where several health-related services where freely offered to the community of Katwe and the surrounding areas. This camp was organized as a Community Outreach event to give back to the customers of KDI SACCO and to the Katwe community in general.

The medical camp was intended to help the vulnerable people of Katwe get medical and health assistance for free. It also included an open-awareness campaigns pertaining to women and child abuse plus referral services where victims could get assistance. On this day we were also able to attain publicity for KDI.

Objectives of the Medical Camp

  • Give medical and health assistance to vulnerable people.
  • To satisfy all the beneficiaries with the best medical outreach services.
  • Talk show on how improper waste disposal affects our public health and our environment.
  • Call for equal representation for all vulnerable groups of people.
  • Publicize KDI and its partners to the community and hence improve their public image and customer base.
  • Achieve an awareness outreach on health.
  • Foster prevention to avoid the appearance of diseases among people who cannot afford medical treatment.

Benefits of the Medical Camp to KDI members

  • Members got free medical services
  • Members’ children got free medical services
  • The public got awareness on gender, protection and environment protection
  • The women and child rights were highlighted
  • It was an opportunity to interact with different people who were part of the camp

Achievements from the Medical Camp

  • 854 people got free medical and health services.
  • Public awareness lecture on women and children's rights.
  • Talk show on proper waste management and disposal.
  • Due to the camp the SACCO has managed to get a number of 10 clients who opened up accounts after being part of the Community Outreach and we expect to get more clients from the people who benefited from the camp activities.
  • The camp increased publicity of KDI in the long run improving the public image of KDI SACCO. KDI has gained more trust from the community as compared to other SACCOs around Katwe.
  • The camp has enabled KDI to acquire new partnerships with organizations like Marie Stopes, Action against sickle cell disease, AIDS Information Centre and others.

Some of the highlights