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Kwefaako Development Internship Program

The KDI SACCO internship program is a learning opportunity provided to students from Universities and higher learning institutions to get a practical appreciation of the issues studied theoretically. Students use it to gain practically on various issues such as finance, accounting, procurement, human resource and credit management which the institution mainly deals in.

The program usually lasts for a period of 2 months but interested students must always apply 2 months before where they are either admitted or not. The applications are hand delivered to the SACCO accompanied with supporting documents such as identity cards and provisional results. After the application is received, a back ground check is done on the applicant before deciding either to admit them or not.

Upon completion successful interns are given recommendation letters by the SACCO and the SACCO can always retain the very best in case of Human Resource gaps. The interns not only stand a chance to get employed by the organization but they also gain the practical on job experience which many employers yarn for.

Note - The internships happen in June up to August of every year


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My internship at Kwefaako Development Initiative was a great learning experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. My tasks included recruiting new members, organizing group meetings, reminding members whose loans are in the arrears. Also going to the field The close mentoring and assistance from the Manager Sacco and employees at Kwefaako Development Initiative was also a highlight of my experience. Most importantly, the internship has given me a better outlook into what I would want to pursue in the future.

  • Business Administration Class of 2019
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Having studied microfinance at Kyamboga University, I was presented with many ample opportunities to use my academic skillset in my internship with Kwefaako Development Initiative SACCO. As I worked in the Loan management department, I became well acquainted with Microsoft Excel, but was by no means limited to spreadsheet analysis and data sorting. This shaped my thinking and improved my skills when it comes to Sacco businesses.

  • Business student Class of 2018