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Our Family Day Out

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Our Family Day Out

We hold a “Family Day Out” every second week of May of every year. So far, we’ve met at Darenaz kawanula, Time to play Ntinda and Woolworth. Activities of the Family Day Out include: The Family Day Out targets all children, parents and all members. You can take part of the Family Day Out by paying entrance fees. The event is open to all members and guests that wish to have fun with their families.

What is the Family Day Out About

Objectives of the Family Day Out

  • Promoting awareness about children's rights
  • Preaching against right abuse of women
  • To promote talents of our children
  • To unite our families together with the community
  • To give back to our members and the community through school fees, scholastic materials.
  • To bring fun and happiness to the younger ones
  • To recruit new members
  • Opportunities for training

Why we do family day out

  • To sensitize members about child rights.
  • To promote women's rights.
  • To ensure that we continue to inculcate the principle of togetherness, care and unity
  • To give out gifts of love to the community
  • To connect our kids to their grown-ups and to ensure family traits are passed on
  • To encourage fun and pleasure moments among our members

Expectations from members towards family day out

  • Sensitization about child and women rights.
  • Winning school fees
  • Entertainment from the children
  • Fellowshipping with other members
  • Making new friends
  • Team work by the different groups
  • Attending our monthly meeting
  • Visiting a new place and experiencing it
  • Eats and drinks
  • Outdoor activities like games and sports

Benefits of family day out

  • Understanding and respecting child and women rights.
  • Uniting with other families that increase social cohesion
  • Identifying children’s talents
  • Fun with the children
  • Counselling about how to raise children and health tips
  • Networking

Activities done at the family day out

  • Psychosocial counselling on family and healtth issues.
  • Skit on child and women rights.
  • Sports
  • Eating
  • Games
  • Music dance and drama
  • KDI monthly meeting
  • Photo sessions
  • Face paintings
  • Counselling or family and health issues
  • Recruiting new members
  • Cake cutting