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Our Community Outreach Program

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KDI SACCO Community Outreach Program

Coming soon Medical Camp SEPT 2019

The medical camp is intended to help the vulnerable people of Katwe get medical assistance for free and for publicity of KDI.

    Objectives of the Camp

  • Publicize KDI and increase its customer base.
  • Give medical assistance to vulnerable people.
  • Achieve an awareness outreach on health.
  • Foster prevention to avoid the appearance of diseases among people who cannot afford medical treatment.
  • To satisfy all the beneficiaries with the best outreach services.
  • For improving KDI’s public image.
  • Benefits of the Camp to KDI members

  • Members will get free medical services
  • Members’ children will get free medical services
  • It will be an opportunity to interact with different people who will be part of the camp
  • The following services will be provided;

  • 1. Blood donation
  • 2. Eye examinations
  • 3. Safe male circumcision (SMC)
  • 4. Hepatitis B testing
  • 5. HIV counselling and testing
  • 6. Family planning
  • 7. Malaria testing and provision of anti-malarial drugs
  • 8. Deworming
  • 9. NCDs screening

Buddo Preparatory School 2019

Community Outreach was held on Saturday 23rd March 2019 event at Buddo preparatory School from 11Am to 6pm.
On the 30th of March 2019, the school WAS celebrating 30 years of existence and they invited our institution to be part of the celebrations which were commenced on 23rd March 2019 with proposed football and volley ball matches between the school and KDI. On the same day, the school proposed a financial literacy workshop for the school staff facilitated by KDI.

    Activities of the day included ;

  • Financial literacy workshop facilitated by Kdi
  • Sports and games
  • Physical exercise
  • Dance