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Our Beach Party Annual Event

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Kwefaako Development Initiative Beach Party

Every year, Kwefaako Development Initiative holds a fun packed exciting “Beach Party” which so far has been held at: Aero beach in 2013, again at Aero beach in 2014, at Kisubi beach in 2015, at Lakeside beach, at Kitinda beach in 2016, at Kitinda beach in 2017 and at One Love beach, Busabala in 2018. We shall announce in June of this year where the function will take place sometime in December

What is the Beach Part About

Objectives of the Beach Party

  • Promote awareness of environment protection through recycling.
  • Encourage love, sharing and free interaction of members irrespective of health status, gender, sexual orientation, age or political affiliation.
  • To celebrate the end of the year
  • To award best performers
  • To connect and interact with each other
  • To have fun and entertainment
  • To compete in sports and games
  • To network with other people
  • To recruit new members

Importance of the Beach Party

  • We got an opportunity to learn something about gender, protection or environment
  • It recruits new members
  • It is an avenue for giving back end of year gifts like calendars and other gifts
  • To reflect on the achievements of the year
  • It is an avenue for fun and happiness
  • Physical fitness and workout
  • Talent promotion among other things

Expectations from members towards this activity

  • Awareness sessions about Gender, protection or environment
  • Free opportunity to interact and network with other people
  • Sports and games
  • Buffet and barbeque
  • Swimming
  • Drumming and tins session
  • Physical exercise
  • Dance
  • Cake cutting
  • Marketing of our member businesses

Benefits of Beach Party

  • It refreshes both body and mind
  • Lessons on environmental protection and waste management.
  • Meeting and making new friends new friends
  • Entertainment
  • Marketing member businesses
  • Recruitment of new members
  • Awards and recognition

Activities done at the Beach Party

  • Drums and tins session – this is a very engaging and exciting moment. It is a musical interlude where members (participants) play music beats using drums, tins, plastic bottles, sticks and stones as a way of promoting environment awareness protection by recycling waste products, tin, sticks into musical instruments. And when it gets hyper, they dance to the tunes in a circle form. After which swimming begins since it is a very warming exercise that makes everybody sweat.
  • Hug and self-introductions – All members and invited guests are tasked to introduce themselves and after, as a KDI culture, members hug as a sign of welcome and love that segregates nobody.
  • Sports – football matches (tone day tournament between the 4 saving groups where the winner gets a trophy and second runner ups get medals)
  • Tag of war – this is a game where various games in KDI race by pulling the rope. It normally the guests against the members, marrieds vs singles and men vs females
  • Barbeque – it is our culture to enjoy roasted meat and chicken in the evening as we award the best performers in the groups
  • Dance – the function is closed with free style dancing session as people interact and network
  • Cake cutting – this is an activity that marks the end of the year done by the leaders of saving groups
  • Lunch (buffet)– we serve a full/ complete buffet to all our members and guests at the lunch hour
  • Networking time – after lunch we open space for people to talk about what they do and where they do it from